Pleated blinds look great in any room and can be manufactured in an incredible variety of shapes and sizes. This makes them particularly suitable for conservatories, where shaped skylight and side windows can be dressed with colourful fabrics that will also help control heat and glare in summer


A pleated blind could be described as a venetian blind with pleated fabric instead of slats, giving a softer effect. The pleated fabric, usually in 20mm or 25mm pleats, is attached with double sided tape (or similar) to a headrail at the top and to a bottom rail. With a standard free-hanging blind, it is opened by pulling the lift cords, the bottom rail being raised towards the top rail causing a concertina effect as it retracts. The lift cords pass through a cord lock, thus enabling the blind to be held at any height.




Range from translucent to opaque and blackout. They are either plain or patterned (including Jacquard or multi-coloured). Materials are polyester and cellulose-impregnated paper. Reflective, metallised finishes to the external face, flame retardant, Scotchguard and other treatments are available

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